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  • Withdrawals
There are several account transactions that allow you to use the BEST Units in your account. When the beneficiary is enrolled in an institution of higher education, you may begin to make withdrawals from the BEST contract for qualified higher education expenses. Payments may be made directly to an institution of higher education or the purchaser or beneficiary of the contract. Click here For Higher Education Expenses. There is a two calendar year waiting period for each deposit before the funds may be used for qualified higher education expenses.

If the beneficiary is the recipient of a scholarship, allowance or payment described in Section 25(g)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code that the Board determines cannot be converted into money by the beneficiary, then the refund recipient may receive a scholarship refund pursuant to program guidelines.

The purchaser may rollover all or a portion of the units in the BEST Prepaid contract to another qualified tuition plan or program established under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code provided that the beneficiary to whose account the funds are being transferred is a "Member of the Family" as the original beneficiary. Click here For Rollover.

The BEST Prepaid contract may only be terminated under the circumstances as provided for in the statute and rules that govern the BEST Prepaid Plan. For more information, click here for Terminations or Refunds.