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The Tennessee Treasury Department will offer free training to advocates providing a DIRECT service to victims of crime. The training covers the benefits and guidelines of Criminal Injuries Compensation Program.

There is no charge for the workshop or parking. Advocates who attend will learn the application process, the appeal process, and will learn how to complete and appropriately document a claim application. Attendance certificates will be provided for those attending the majority of the workshop.

An Invitation will be sent by email one month prior to the workshop for those on our mailing list. If your organization is not receiving invitations, please contact the Division of Claims Administration at (615) 741-2734 to update the email address and/or contact person on file with our office.

2017 Workshops:

Area: Date and Time: Location: Registration Link:
Jackson March 27th
Jackson State Community College Registration Closed
Nashville May 8th
9:30am-12:30pm CST
MNPD North Precinct, 26th Ave N Registration Opens 4/10/17
Morristown early August
Chattanooga early October