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Generally, a claimant should be the individual who is legally responsible for payment of expenses not covered by other resources. If the eligible victim or dependent is under 18 years of age (or the eligible victim is proven to be physically/mentally incapable of filing on his own behalf), the person or agency that has legal guardianship would file as the claimant.

After a claim for compensation is filed with the Division of Claims Administration, a copy is forwarded to the appropriate United States Attorney or District Attorney (prosecutor) who provides information concerning the circumstances surrounding the crime. The Division reviews the claim and may ask the claimant to provide additional information. Upon receipt of a completed claim form and documentation, as well as receipt of the prosecutor’s report, the Division determines whether the claim is compensable and, if so, issues payment as allowed by statute.

If a minor child is awarded compensation, the Division of Claims Administration may pay the minor’s funds to a juvenile court to be deposited into an interest-bearing account until the child turns 18 years of age.