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Creating Your NAUPA File

Our REPORT It TN online reporting portal requires you to submit a file in the NAUPA format dated September 26, 2013. Your NAUPA file may be a plain text file .txt or an encrypted file .hde.  You have several options in creating your NAUPA file. You may use one of the vendors below or create your own NAUPA file.

Reporting Software


There are various vendors that supply Unclaimed Property reporting software.  The functionality and price of each one may differ slightly.  To the best of our knowledge, each of them creates a file that meets the NAUPA format that we require.  Below are the links to each one:

Xerox - HRS Pro (Has Free Version)

Chesapeake – UPCS

ETM - UPExchange

Financial Software Innovations – FSI Track

Ryan (Previously Stone River) - Tracker

NAUPA File Layout

The below link will provide you the NAUPA layout if you want to create your own NAUPA file.